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As a professional Voice Actor, Dell'Aria, aka DJ Faye, brings a unique performance style to the Miami Music Scene. Whether it's Organic House, House or Disco, you will undoubtedly feel all the good vibes.

who is she ?

Born in Connecticut and raised in Buffalo, Dell'Aria moved to NYC in 2013 where she studied acting and performed stand up comedy. While cock-tailing a rooftop bar outside of Penn Station, Dell'Aria's voice was discovered and her career as a Professional Voice Over Artist began.

Up until the Pandemic, she spent her time recording commercials for brands like L'Oreal Paris, Aveeno, & Budlight, bartending in the Lower East Side and shuffling her feet wherever her favorite DJs played.

Here, her love & passion for EDM was born.

During the pandemic, Dell'Aria produced and hosted High Vibrations, an online radio show combining her poetry, comedy & background in yoga/meditation with undiscovered indie artists and 60s/70s/80s throwbacks on This world inspired her to close her ten year chapter in the Big Apple and move to Miami to learn how to DJ and speak Spanish.

Now bilingual and performing all over Miami, Dell'Aria utilizes her versatile voice & performance background combined with House Music to create a unique sound experience to the beats of deep, organic, and tech house with afro, soul and disco influences.

 Her charisma, originality, and blue hair captivates audiences into presence that either has them dancing, laughing or both. 

In addition to DJing, Dell'Aria is currently co-producing music with her ever-expanding vocal talent.

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