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What is a One-on-One like with Alicia?

I combine my certified background in Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork
with 6 years of experience as a working Voice Over Artist & 10+ years as an Actor
to help guide every body to uncover energetic blockages in their vessel
and connect to their body's intelligence to unlock their most Authentic Voice.
An offering available virtually anywhere or local to Los Angeles.
No matter, the sound of your voice, your profession or level,
this work has potent, sacred value for every voice.
Let's schedule a consultation and see what working together looks like for you.
I can't wait to meet you!
Xx, A

Cheri Leight

When I took VO lessons with you, I didn't realize that I was beginning a new chapter in my journey of life.
You taught me a lot! But what stood out the most was learning that my energy is fire & that I need to bring calm into my life to bring balance. I embraced this and have been doing yoga & breathing exercises for the past year.

This has changed my life. Thank you.

Alicia helped me to translate my acting to skills to Voice Over. Our session was not only helpful but fun! I am feeling confident in my ability to self direct in my audtions with the tools we honed together.

Michael Cordova

Alicia provided wonderful insight and coaching that not only strengthened me as an actor but also benefited my public speaking!

Commercial ReelMichael Cordova
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Promo ReelMichael Cordova
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Jon Lee

I've much to learn and it's exciting as I grow my skill set and business. I officially started my first paid work a few weeks after we finished my demo and now have multiple orders I am handling with a consistent client for a Sports Youtube Channel among other projects.

It's a meager start but I'm on track to hit 4 figures by spring which is exciting and a relief to know I have supplemental income and passion outside of fire safety and the marines. 

Your talent, generosity and guidance was one of the highlights of my [year].

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